Versante, Avondale
"I just moved in to Versante 3 months ago and I'm happy so far. Yes the pool is busy and the kids get a little wild but it's no different than any other apartment community. I have met a few people around my apartment and everyone is friendly. So far I am very happy. "
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Aventura, Avondale
"I've lived here for over a year and I totally love it. I used to live at another Pillar apartment then I made the mistake of moving to Mark Taylor. I'll never live anywhere there again! So then I got a job in Goodyear and was so glad Pillar had an apartment out here. The location is awesome! The people at Aventura are the best, especially the manager, Arlem. He's the coolest! Maintenance is good too, although I've only needed them once."
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Rio Santa Fe, Avondale
"Avoid Rio Santa Fe Apartments in Avondale, Arizona like the plague. Over-priced, filthy, high-crime rate and they don't fix anything. When they attempt to fix something, the repairman leaves a pile of debris for you to pick up. Stay away. Stay away. Stay away!!!!!! I've heard of multiple apartment break-ins. I've heard of cars being stolen. I've seen drug deals in the parking lots. Also, even when complaining to the office in writing, nothing gets handled..... Stay away!"
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Las Casitas Apartments Homes, Avondale
"I have lived at Las Casitas for four years now. The friendly management staff cares about there residents and maintains a clean and safe environment to live and enjoy. Yolanda"
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Ashton Pointe, Avondale
"The ladies in the office are stuck up and rude... they discriminate against young couples and oh Ya they lie about everything to save themselves. They basically told me to get lost cuz they are having a party. Incompetent and rude.. do not rent here!!!"
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Newport Apartments, Avondale
"I live at newport for almost 4 years now and even though it's been a bumpy ride I have to disagree with the other 2 comments on this website. The apartmets are under new management and they have improved everything around here it is a very peaceful community and all your needs are responded to in a timely manner.I would recommend Newport apartmnets to any friend or family member needing a place to live."
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Siesta Pointe Apartments, Avondale
"I have lived here for 2 years and never have any issues. The manager is a sweet heart and takes care of everything. I never have any issues with maintenance and would recommend this community to any one."
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