Williamsburg of Cincinnati, Cincinnati
"If you cant decide whether or not to live in the heart of the inner city, or some redneck community, then move to Williamsburg wjere you get the best of both world. There is a high proportion of HUD Section 8 housing as well as many reddies who have "moved up" from the double least in the upper sections."
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Clifton Colony, Cincinnati
"Not a bad place. no real complaints besides its hard to find a good temperature in the water. during the day its too hot, during the night its too cold."
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Windsor at Brookstone Village, Cincinnati
"My experience at Brookstone has been wonderful....The office staff are SUPER nice. They really get to know you by name and they go out of thier way to help you and address any issues or problems you may come across! I love this place soo much, that I have already signed up for a second year!!!"
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Harper's Point, Cincinnati
"Everything is perfect. Very good staff with good hospitality and the maintenance staff. The immediate response for the problems is the best part.The pool the trees, parking Gym everything is amazing. The other best part is convineint place shopping "
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Lakeshore Apartments & Health Club, Cincinnati
"I have been living here for a while. I love it here. I love fitness center and thunder pool. Dannel and Angel are great They are always there with a smile on their ready to help with anything you need. They have started a neighborhood watch program That has really started helping the tenants feel safer that should be commended on the great job they are doing."
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The Drexel at Oakley, Cincinnati
"I love this place!!! The staff is super friendly and very helpful! They are willing to do anything to keep the residents happy. Yes, it is a little but pricey but totally worthy!!"
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Bishop's Gate at Somerset, Cincinnati
"Fantastic!!!! "
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Timber Ridge Apartments, Cincinnati
"It took a year for them to take care of a mold problem and when they finally did it required ripping all of the walls out. THEN a dead tree that they refused to take care of fell on my car. The property manager ordered staff to clean it up and dispose of the evidence before photos could be taken and REFUSED to give us their insurance company for three months. I was then called and told to stop trying to get their info. I felt intimidated and was glad I was moving."
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McCauly Crossing Apartments, Cincinnati
"The Manager "Vicky" is nice and repair response time was great, The windows leaked during the winter and caused a big heating bill, and a big mold problem on the sills. Other than that we really enjoyed our stay here."
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Mallard Lakes Towne Homes, Cincinnati
"Moved in last September and like it. The garages make all the difference in the feeling of being in your own home. We just pull in and we are in the home, we have never used the front door. I would love to have new appliances but they work fine so far. All in all we like it here very much and would recommend it."
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