Huntington Downs, Greenville
"I was greet by a very friendly office staff who was very professional & courteous. The apartments are slightly different than the model but nothing a good coat of paint won't cure. I am very excited about my new apartment and hope to make some great friends here."
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Plantations at Haywood, Greenville
"I have recently moved in and had a great experience. I live in the older section which has mature trees that cover my screened in porch. It is a great value for the money."
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Stoneledge Plantation, Greenville
"Been here for almost 2 years, the staff is always helpful and very friendly. We NEVER hear our neighbors, can't believe how quiet it is even tho our neighbors have children. Just wanted to write a quick good review since I think it deserves one."
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Walden Creek Apartment Homes, Greenville
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Hawthorne at the Park (Formerly Brighton Park), Greenville
"Great Place to live. Very nice staff and friendly environment without many problems from other residents. Close to everything you would need to get to and still manages to be a fairly quiet place to stay. Overall, I would recommend anyone to live here."
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Howell Commons, Greenville
"     "
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Caledon Wood, Greenville
"The bathrooms are very small and the wood sound much, besides the closets are very small and there is no play area for children"
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Churchill at Pelham, Greenville
"My apartment is full of cockroaches. The faucets are leaking, the toilet flush works so-so. The environment is nice though...But I am happy that I'll move out soon!"
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Carlyle, Greenville
"     "
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Mallard Cove, Greenville
"I just moved in here in October and after unpacking and decorating I can say I am very happy with my choice. I love how much space I have and the number of cabinets I have. So glad I'm spending Christmas here,"
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