Huntington Downs, Greenville
"Old appliances, bad wiring, no light because no windows, mold, bad smells, trash everywhere, slow drains, half the place is sitting empty. and looks like management uses this blog to vent with each other. pools are always closed for some reason. rent jumped up to boot. charter cables laying on the ground around different buildings. july and there are still trees everywhere from the ice storm. theres too many nicer places to choose from. keep lookin.almost forgot, freeway noise constantly."
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Plantations at Haywood, Greenville
"I lived in the older part of this complex and it was horrible. I lived here for 2 years and at first I thought it was great, but then I started having plumbing problems. There were leaks in the pipes and mold was growing in the walls. They don't replace the sheetrock. They just paint right over the mold to hide it. Maintenence is horrible at this complex also. They do a half-butt job at anything they do. Also, they are overpriced apartments."
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Stoneledge Plantation, Greenville
"Good place tp live. It is quiet, has a friendly, helpful staff. Neat, well kept grounds."
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Walden Creek Apartment Homes, Greenville
"Nice community"
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Hawthorne at the Park (Formerly Brighton Park), Greenville
"Very nice quiet place to live. Staff is very attentive of recipient's needs. I recommend this place to anyone looking for an apartment."
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Howell Commons, Greenville
"So glad my lease is finally up!The place is just a dump. The cable here is forced on you so you have no choice whether you want cable or not you have to pay an extra 35 a month for the cable also water is not included. There is always trash all over the grounds and the pavement is just absolutely raggedy.This place is over priced, trust me there are better places out there. I'm moving to Bell Caledon and it is way better and nicer! Take my advice and don't live here."
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Caledon Wood, Greenville
"Awful management. Don't waste your time being blown away by the nice facilities, the management is terrible to deal with and ruins the entire experience"
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Churchill at Pelham, Greenville
"I moved in on March 1, 2013 and I've enjoyed every minute of it! I've had a couple of issues but they were quickly resolved. So far, it's been quiet, great schools and convenient to restaurants, the mall, grocery stores and easy access to the highway. Most of all I like my town home because no one is on top of & it's affordable. I'm so glad I made the move."
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Carlyle, Greenville
"I like living at the Carlyle. I am coming up on my first year and enjoy it very much. If I were to change one thing..... I would make a place to drop off my dry cleaning near the front gate so I dont have to make the drive in the morning."
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Century Forest Apartments, Greenville
"It's a decent place to live- a little older as far as building and apartment features, but not too bad- a good starter place."
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