Pavilion Place Apartments, Houston
"Pavilion is a nice place to Live near to galeria rea. We have more than one very nice pool that are always clean and open to enjoy the time with the kids. They have one of the larges pest control company in USA if You keep your house neat and clean and report any issue since the problem starts You shouldn't have out of control problems. I recommend pavilion place to my friends and to the people that can't afford a very expensive rent, You can find quality of Life ataque pavilion."
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7979 Westheimer Apartments, Houston
"I have never felt unsafe either the only complaint I have is they take to long to come and fix things. Other than that I love it."
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Stone Park Apartments, Houston
"I would like to recommend this property to anyone that wants the living of an upper class of living, the landscaping and and total outlook is nice and well upkept. The attention and proper manerism of the Asst manager, and leasing agent are very well when there are questions of the property and or any problems that may be needing attention. In closing i have no plans of leaving this "community" any time soon......LOOK OUT FOR PHASE II May be even better that phase I"
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Westcreek at River Oaks, Houston
"Lived there for two years. When i moved in it was quiet weel kept. Now the fountains never work there are ciggarette butts & dog poop in the gardens. The people working in the office are some of the most idiotic on the planet, (and they think the same of you). Westcreek has gone South."
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Providence Uptown Apartments, Houston
"I have been here for 2 months and love this place. Its close to everything I need. residents I have met have been nice and friendly. Staff was great for my move in. I would recommend to my friends and love ones."
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AMLI on Eldridge Parkway, Houston
"dark perking lots and lots of gang activity at night, dangerous and not good for women, -------------------- peoples. hear gun shot often"
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9900 Memorial Apartments, Houston
"Horrible experiance. They lied to me from the begining. Management sucks. Do not recommend this place."
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Mandolin Apartments, Houston
"It is not 'eligid'!!! I don't even think that there such a word. The word you are looking for is 'alleged'. But, I'm sure that your attorney has already explained this to you!"
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Trails at Rock Creek, Houston
"They will show you model apartment, and special to make you move. Actual apartment condition will be worst. Flat tiers are frequent. If you have new car, think twice. Management is rude, they will make you pay for carpet replacement, when you move out. Staff is active to write good be aware from good review"
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Estates at Memorial Heights, Houston
"Unresponsive, arrogant & incompetent are the three subtle words to desribe management at The Estates. I can't imagine why they don't fire the current staff and get people who are actually interested in doing their jobs. Once you sign the lease, they have you and they couldn't care less. I had read about the managment being bad but I never imagined that it would be so bad. If you have a choice, don't even come close to this place."
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