Pavilion Place Apartments, Houston
"I lived there in a one bedroom for about 6 months and moved out."
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7979 Westheimer Apartments, Houston
"I lived there 5 years only 2 break-in to my apartment located in back of complex the one toward the frot recieve more break-ins. Managment states they only lease your safety is your own problem, management tows residents cars by mistake, mangement will give you a bad credit score if you mve out due to crime. Lots of luck to the unwarey MOLD IN ALL BUILDINGS !"
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Stone Park Apartments, Houston
"Living in the east area of Houston has its issues but overall my experience was positive. I never had any problems and when I did they were addressed."
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Westcreek at River Oaks, Houston
"     "
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Providence Uptown Apartments, Houston
"     "
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AMLI on Eldridge Parkway, Houston
"it is OK (2.5 to 3 star). Car entry and exit to the complex is somewhat inconvenient. More gates need to open for both enter/exit. Installing a Hot Sauna will add a good distinction between this complex and others. Road/pavement crack and uneveness is not good safety and unsightly."
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9900 Memorial Apartments, Houston
"Horrible experiance. They lied to me from the begining. Management sucks. Do not recommend this place."
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Mandolin Apartments, Houston
"It is not 'eligid'!!! I don't even think that there such a word. The word you are looking for is 'alleged'. But, I'm sure that your attorney has already explained this to you!"
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Trails at Rock Creek, Houston
"They will show you model apartment, and special to make you move. Actual apartment condition will be worst. Flat tiers are frequent. If you have new car, think twice. Management is rude, they will make you pay for carpet replacement, when you move out. Staff is active to write good be aware from good review"
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Estates at Memorial Heights, Houston
"Unresponsive, arrogant & incompetent are the three subtle words to desribe management at The Estates. I can't imagine why they don't fire the current staff and get people who are actually interested in doing their jobs. Once you sign the lease, they have you and they couldn't care less. I had read about the managment being bad but I never imagined that it would be so bad. If you have a choice, don't even come close to this place."
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