Chenal Lakes, Little Rock
"Great Apartment ! Fantastic Location ! Love the nature here!!"
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Barrington Hills Apartment Homes, Little Rock
"I've been living at barrington hills for almost 5 years now, and im very comfortable there,though it really depends on which apt. u reside in.other than that i almost never get disturbed. i have just enough room in my 1 bedroom apt to live happy and comfortable. thanks "
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The Berkley Apartment Homes, Little Rock
"I have lived here for six months now. I cant wait until my lease is over so I can move from this HELL HOLE. The crime is bad. There are men that hang out all hours of the night. I live in the GHETTO. I wish they would bring back the old staff that left. Things just have not been the same. "
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Brightwaters Apartments, Little Rock
"Great staff at brightwaters. Some of the most genuine and considerate people I have ever leased from. Would definitely recommend Brightwaters!"
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Northwest Hills Apartments, Little Rock
"Northwest Hills has marvelous apartments. There are many amenities. There is a pool and hot tub. Pets are allowed. The rooms are very spacious with lots of storage. It is a great, affordable price."
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Block 2 Lofts, Little Rock
"The management is very unresponsive. We have experienced a heating outage going on 8 days, Starting on Wednesday, January 28th. Still not fixed as of February 3rd. One week, there was dog poop near the elevator for 6 days before it was cleaned up. There are much better places to live in Little Rock - don't waste your money."
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Pleasant Pointe, Little Rock
"I will admit I was little skeptical about moving here in the complex, but I can honestly say I haven't had any major problems. When I call to get something fixed, they get right to it. No noisy neighbors and I like Courtni in the office. She is always willing to help and get things done. If things stay the same, I won't be moving when my lease is up..."
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Shadow Lake, Little Rock
"moved in back in 2007. I liked it back then--which is why I rented. Things have changed--for the good-- A new company has been "updating" the property and the apartments. I look forward to seeing more changes-- they are happening quickly! The rents are very decent too. I also referred a friend and they gave me $ off my rent.. great if you know friends that you want living near you."
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Turtle Creek, Little Rock
"My husband and I have lived here for a few months and we like it. It's much quieter than the sister property Shadow Lake. Much better insulated too. The management has been very good to us. We relocated from Florida and have been very happy here. My only complaints would be that the outside doesn't have much curb appeal, and it is a little overpriced. The location is nice and it's near a lot of great shops."
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Valley Crossing, Little Rock
"We had a pleasant surprise the other morning leaving our apartment and hedading to work. On our way out of the parking lot we were kindly greeted by Anne and Melanie with breakfast. How cool is that? Their kindness was a breath of fresh air for an already hurried morning it was so sweet. We have lived here for 2 years and have always been treated with such kindnes from the staff. KINDLY give our special thanks to your staff. They are AWESOME! The Jensen Family"
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