McCullough Development, Inc., Manhattan
"This place is a rip off. Don't not rent from them. They will hit you with multiple hidden fees. This place is a scam. When you first rent from them they are nice but after a while you can't get them to do anything. Maintenance takes forever!!!"
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Villa Fay Management, Manhattan
"This woman was so unprofessional and rude when we called to inquire about her rentals we did not even bother looking at them. My daughter is transferring to kstate and we were looking for an apartment for her. I don't know how she stays in business treating people like that. She really needs to take a professional development class. I knew after talking to her I did not want my daughter living in one of her rentals."
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Westchester Park, Manhattan
"We absolutely loved living there!!! Staff was super nice and professional. Maintenance was the best they fixed stuff the same day. They announced who they where when knocking on the door. While I was prego and lived on the third floor and my husband was deployed the carried a few very heavy things up for me. It is really a great place to live and would highly recommend to anyone. Only thing I would change is having a washer dryer in every unit other than that truly a great place to live!!"
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Park Place Apartments, Manhattan
"It's not terribly bad, apts vary in quality. Some are nicer, and some are much skankier. One pretty big pool with jacuzzi, but if you happen to live at the other end of the complex, it takes about 5 minutes on foot to get there. A lot of parking space, the decks are kind of forgotten, the staff promised to renew them last summer, and still nothing was done. Two laundry rooms on each side of the complex. Overall, it's not a palace, but it's not a ghetto either."
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Cambridge Square, Manhattan
"I mean, im paying 761 a month for a 2 bedroom 1 bath. The only thing i dislike about these apartments is its ALL carpet, the kitchen, bathroom, living room, rooms, its all carpet. and THEY have to clean it out of your deposit. its very hard to clean up. But oxyclean has become my husband and i's bestfriend. Must know how to parallel park if you want to park out front. in the back parking lot its regular parking. Other than that, its a roof over our heads!g-hKOS7s4Nq5n3hEIpHd"
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University Crossing, Manhattan
"Horribe experience overall. Staff was mean and unprofessional and didn't do anything when you had an issue."
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Founder's Hill, Manhattan
"Parking is not a problem at first however once the school year at K-State starts the parking becomes completely ridiculous. You will often find yourself parking at least a football field away from you building. Parking passes are not enforced and you will find that all the convenient parking spaces are filled with vehicles lacking the proper parking stickers. Overall they don't care."
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Crestwood Apartments, Manhattan
"     "
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Highland Ridge Apartments, Manhattan
"Thank god! Finally new management and they are good! They are happy to address your concerns and get on them right away! Internet has been fixed and works well now. They also said they are looking at adding a basketball court!"
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Chase Manhattan, Manhattan
"     "
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