Carriage Park Apartments, Pittsburgh
"Rude management"
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Washington Plaza, Pittsburgh
"Does anyone know which room the woman was found dead for 2 weeks? My daughter is thinking about moving into WP in the fall. She goes to Duquesne. I want her to avoid the BAD floors. Which floor is the best?"
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Crane Village Apartments, Pittsburgh
"-you love white trash who keep their dogs tied up outside like it's a trailer park. -you love spiders in your home. -you love huge rent increases. -you love living among college students who act like this is one big dorm. -you love that management will update apartments only if you agree to pay extra money each month. -you love that there is no parking."
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Woodhawk Club Apartments, Pittsburgh
"When I looked at the apartments, the lady that showed me around ask me where I was moving from. I said Baltimore and she made a unpleasant face and said, "There's a lot of ------ there?". I was very offended and I am white but don't judge anyone based on their skin."
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Hyland Hills Apartments, Pittsburgh
"More people than apartments live at this compound. Parking has become a total nightmare. Vehicles are constantly being hit and run. The minority group that is over running the compound is afraid of pets and complaints are filed constantly. There are 2 washer and dryers for each laundry area. Trash is everywhere. Many mornings on my way to work I have seen trash piled 6 ft high and rodents in it. A big disappointment"
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Chestnut Ridge Apartments, Pittsburgh
"I have really liked my past 1.5 years here. Unfortunately it's just too much money for a one bedroom that is not in the city. The appliances are dated, but WAY better than comparably priced other complexes around here. Very quiet and safe, at least around my building. Staff is extremely attentive. I would stay if it were even just a little bit cheaper."
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Allegheny Center, Pittsburgh
"ok apartment fairly clean good maintenance outside: guns, crack cocaine, harassment daily by_______, etc very unsafe area from 4pm-10am my car was broken into and $4000 damage done occassionally rude management useless 'security' would not pay to live here"
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Essex House, Pittsburgh
"The management is terrible at Essex House. Except for the lady who answers the phone the entire office staff is rude. The leasing staff are after your money and be rest assured that you will not get your deposit back when you vacate the property. I have never seen such terrible management in my 5 years of renting."
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Oaks of McCandless, Pittsburgh
"I lived there for 2 years in a 2BR apartment and apart from the old structure used in closets, bathroom, kitchen it was a nice and peaceful place to live. The location is excellent as schools/malls are very close by. The staff was friendly and maintenance was good as well. They may need to clean up the big tree section on the back of the apartments and make it playground or something for the residents."
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The Residences of South Hills, Pittsburgh
"     "
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