Nobel Court, San Diego
" Everywhere full of dog ----. Irresponsible pet owners. Barking dogs all the time. Rude staff. Noisy neighbours. Bad place to live. They decrease the condo (villa vicenza) prices recently. It is not a surprise. They started to accept pets. "
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Promenade Rio Vista, San Diego
" Oh my God I cannot believe this, I have lived at The Promenade for 8 months and have bounced my rent payment twice and paid late once and they are requiring me to pay my rent with a money order from now on. I have a great job and make over $100,000 dollars a year and sometimes I forget to transfer money into my checking account, so what, what is the big deal. I cannot believe they are making me go to the store and buy a money order everytime I pay rent. "
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Legacy Apartment Homes, San Diego
" TERRIBLE! The apartment is filthy, run down and dumpy. The carpet is stained, I had to clean rotten food out from behind the stove, Cat poop out from under the dryer, the carpet has NAILS that stick up and cut your foot, Tones of nasty bugs and spider, earwigs, there's paint on EVERYTHING from them going through and splashing paint everywhere to try to make it look better, It's a dump. "
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Loma Palisades, San Diego
" The parking is horrendous for one. This was the 6th time this year 07' that there was puke all over the sidewalk. Alot of parties, very loud neighbor. I can here my neighbors have sex, drives me crazy! And the rent isnt cheap. I have found a way better place now. Better rentals elsewhere. I promise "
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Albert's College Apartments, San Diego
" Emily the office girl is a fat -----, trouble maker. The other office people are allright. Maintenance guys are all ok, they usually fix a problem withen a couple of days. Parking sucks, noise sucks, the buildings falling down on the outside but my apartment is pretty nice on the inside. "
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Casoleil Apartments, San Diego
"       "
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Portofino Apartments, San Diego
" Attention much more obvious could you possibly be. It is amazing to me that you actually went in and wrote reviews about yourself about how much better you are. How un-professional. What I have seen since you came here is chaos except with a smile. Big deal. Why don't you let us (the residents) write the reviews and you stick to management. Embarrassing! "
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Hillside Gardens Apartments, San Diego
" Hillside Gardens has a really helpful staff. I really enjoyed my time at these apartments. I wouldn't be moving if it wasn't for my financial situation. I give them two thumbs up :) "
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Missions at Rio Vista, San Diego
" Frequent loud parties, especially during the summer. Even residents from the neighboring complex complain but the partiers are just belligerant and rude to them. The alleged security service doesn't get involved (no response when you call them) so you just have to call the police (531-2000) every time. The manager is useless too. For the amount of rent we pay, this is unacceptable. Don't rent here! "
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El Dorado Hills, San Diego
" You get what you pay for. The rent is high but with it you get a gym, personal trainer twice a week, swimming pools, jacuzzis, fresh baked cookes everyday at the office, cofee at the office and free access to the office computers, printer, copy machine etc. It was a great place to live, moved out only for the sake of saving money to buy a home "
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