AO (formally known as Plaza at the Arboretum), Santa Monica
" Very nice place to live. Staff is great!"
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Pico Lanai Apartments, Santa Monica
" Pico is a great environment for students . The location is convenient and beautiful. After living here a year I happily signed another lease. I love Pico. "
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Sea Castle, Santa Monica
" Stay Away ... The worst experience in my life. Resident management is horrible, inept , lacks understanding, human compassion. Horrible experience . Horrible "
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The Shores, Santa Monica
" The location is the reason to rent here. Actual apartments are ok, management is somewhat of a pain to deal with, but how can you beat the ocean views? "
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Amalfi, Santa Monica
" I grew up in the neighborhood so it was great i used to live there with my girlfrined whom actually became my wife and our first child was born while we lived here.. the former landlord John was GREAT! nighbors were awsome! location was nice but a bit noisy from the traffic, motorcycles etc.. if your not homebody its a great place to live! parking was ok, we had 2 spots. in the garage.Mo and Barbara from NY"
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Luxe@1539 Luxury Santa Monica Apartments, Santa Monica
" Don't rent here... Too quiet. People will complain when you walk across the floor. No pool or gym. Pkg is bad...<br />"
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Olympic Studio Apartments, Santa Monica
" Be warned, you will NOT get your whole deposit back. Even if you are super clean, you will still be charged for PAINTING, CARPET CLEANING, and regular the tune of $400. "
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Olympic Studio Loft Apartments, Santa Monica
" At move-out they charge everyone for MANDATORY painting and MANDATORY carpet cleaning. Plus the expected regular cleaning. It doesn't matter whether you have kept the walls pristine or not, they charge you regardless.<br /><br />So expect to deduct about $400 from your security deposit. "
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Santa Monica Biltmore Apt, Santa Monica
" I have lived in the SM Biltmore for over 2 years and have never had a problem here. Laura (apt manager) is very friendly and will take care of you if you have any problems. Maintenance is quick and knows what they are doing, including after hours emergencies. "
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808 4th Street Apartments, Santa Monica
" Avoid this building at all costs!! There is a huge toxic mold problem in the building that has not been adequately fixed. Some tenants moved out, others chose to stay and have their units remediated. There is also legal action going on against the management company. Not worth the high rents in my opinion. There are much better buildings and managment companies in Santa Monica that actually maintain their buildings propertly."
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