Olympus Apartments, Seattle
"nope. decent"
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Harbor Steps, Seattle
" My work put me up there for two months, the locals refer to the hot tub in the south east tower as the scum tub. I think that will give you and idea on the cleanliness of the amenities. "
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Centennial Plaza, Seattle
"This was the best place to live! The staff is friendly and they have parties during the year. The staff helps introduce you to other people who live in the building and create a real community! I love it here! The grounds are beautiful! "
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Sidney Apartments, Seattle
"I was very dissapointed in this apt. -There is a fire station right down the one-way street that would pass by daily. -The staff was rarely helpful -The apt was very very very hot and uncomfortable even in the middle of winter -Overall I just want people to know that this apt isn't all that it seems. It is over priced and over rated. There are better places to live in Belltown, or even in Queen Anne."
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McGuire Apartments, Seattle
"Beth Lincoln is finally gone! Maybe now the building will smell less like female dog piss!!"
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Ballinger Commons Apartments, Seattle
" I was amazed that this complex that looks immaculate from the outside could have so many problems. The main one being that it has incompetant managment in the office and at the office headquarters. Whenever I tried to get something worked out, whether about noise or maintenence I got nothing but excuses and major delays, if anything was done at all. Don't move in. The management is incompetent and will make your like a headache."
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Stockbridge, Seattle
"Adequate living for being in the City. Traffic on Boren is VERY noisey and dust coats everything on the (too small) balconey."
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Executive Estates, Seattle
"Bad mamagement. They already changed at least t 10 staffs for the past 2 years. They just let UPS return the package is they think the package is too big. Do not even make a call to notice."
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Solara, Seattle
"They put a lot of effort into their community, the "Solara Community". They often have apartment wide socials. It's a great place to live, gym/swimming/hot tub/secure parking. Walk across the street to the grocery store, catch the express bus and be downtown in 10 minutes. The staff really puts in the effort. The only downside is the sometimes shady neighborhood."
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Westwood Apartments, Seattle
"Some Deaf was told that this apartment will not allow Deaf move in. Be aware either deaf,blind or wheelchair could be victim not welcome to this finest apartment. Concern how landlord's react against Discrimination. I have called through TTY for the Deaf and normally hung up 10 times and will like this to be notifty that Apartments does not welcome Disability Customers."
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