Franklin Greens, Somerset
"old buildings with very creaky floors, it was annoying. the walls are thin, you can hear everything. many residents there are loud, they allow kids running in night, and don't care about the next door at all. the air conditioner was not only loud but very energy consuming, my electricity bill was ridiculously high in summer! the managers are arrogant and irresponsible. "
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Easton North Apartments, Somerset
"This place sucks. The insulation is non-existant. Heat and hot water is included, but you must pay for AC and electricity. There is zero insulation here, resulting in over a $100 electric bill for AC for all the fine hot summer months. No surprise that my electric bill would be so high due to poor insulation because....I CAN HEAR MY NEIGHBOR COUGH!!!!!!!!! AND I CAN HEAR THEIR TELEPHONE RING! That is how paper thin the walls are."
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Countryside Garden, Somerset
"It is the worst complex I've ever been..."
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Brookhaven At Franklin, Somerset
"newly renovated apartments. friendly, available maintenance staff. second floor apartments are carpeted. plenty of parking. 2 br unit...nice size. good size kitchen."
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Somerset Estates, Somerset
"Paper thin walls, neighbors foot steps on the slightest move , kids loitering all summer, dog poop, and bed bugs. I feel like I'm living in a heat box in the summer and in the winter there's hardly any heat. People pile up in some appartments at three families a piece some move out others move-in, it's like they're sub-letting."
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