480 Murray Apartments, Valdosta
" The apartment was livable for the price yet I would not recommend this apartment complex at all! The management is horrible and it is taking me 6 months after I moved out to receive my deposit back, most people never receive it. I constantly struggled with noisy neighbors, bad customer service and basic living arrangements. The only good thing to say is that they are cheap. As a college student I couldnt complain much but I really hated it there. "
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Blanton Common Apartments, Valdosta
" This apartment complex is gated and really nice to look at, but the management is completely indifferent to issues about crime. The police get called here several times a week for stuff, including break-ins and theft, and they act like nothing happens. They maintain stuff okay, but I would not recommend this complex for safety reasons. "
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Staten Crossing, Valdosta
" The apartments are well kept clean and there was never any issues with maintenance when something needed to be fixed they came quickly. The only problem that I had was with the main office. The clerk that sits at the front when you walk in the door she has dark long hair short and chubby she misplaces things ALOT. Please make sure you get a reciept each month because if you do not you will regret it. "
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Tremont Village Condominiums, Valdosta
" I just have to say that the apartments at Tremont are well worth the money. I looked at other places in Valdosta that were as nice but they were MUCH SMALLER and ALOT more money. I moved into Tremont and love it!! Very nice and modern for a very affordable price! Great place especially for families. "
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Spanish Mission Apartments, Valdosta
" Spanish Mission...very exceptional staff. The place is old but very sturdy and well kept. I loved living there!"
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Three Oaks Apartment Homes, Valdosta
" I have lived here for 6 and a half years. Though there has been several management changes, and one company change, Three Oaks is a great place to live."
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Links Apartments, Valdosta
" the links is a good place to live in Valdosta. The grounds & pool area are the best landscaped in the town in my opinion. The price is comparable to all of the other places and I never had any major issues w/ the management. "
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Brittany Woods Apartment, Valdosta
" property would be a better place to live if they get rid of ERica Hill AS manager "
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Amelia Apartments, Valdosta
" This is a wonderful and friendly place to live."
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Ramblewood Apartments, Valdosta
" There is no pool. It is a very elderly like community, but if you want quiet time, this is perfect. The area is nice but some of the people here are very weird & just are NOT normal, will also talk your ear off whether you want them to or not. If you feel like being around a bunch of weird-os, go for it. "
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